About Company

Coimex (Chain of Importers & Exporters) is a digital community platform where trustable manufacturers, distributors and retailers come together under an annual membership. This platform connects traders from all over the World and enables long-term business partnerships using the latest technology of mobile and web applications.



The CEO of Coimex, Selahattin Urfalı, is a respectable business man in his field. Upon our meeting at Kolektif House Levent, we agreed to give service not only for their website, but also for B2B platforms on web application and mobile applications.



Coimex has been an ongoing project for us as we agreed on the “Dedicated Resources” business model. We continued to make improvements for the system to function better. Within the confirmed time scale we managed to create a well-designed and developed system for Coimex in less than 6-months.



As we always make the necessary research before we begin our projects, regardless of the sector of our customer, again we began with a good pre-study. Always staying in contact with Mr Urfalı and his team, we professionally moved forward in the process.



Before we got online with Coimex website and existed at App stores, we’ve done all the required Q/A tests so that our customer will have a set mind for its products, as well as the services they got from Utechia.



Throughout the whole process we were lucky to be working at the same workplace and we had a great process together. In the end, we were all happy about the result!

Coimex şirketimizin web sitesi ve web uygulamaları için yoğun araştırmalarımız sonucunda Utechia firması ile çalışmaya karar verdik. Disiplinli ve profesyonel çalışma tarzları sayesinde kısa sürede sonuca ulaştık. Hem tasarım hem de geliştirme kısmından çok memnun kaldık. Markanızı gözünüz kapalı emanet edebileceğiniz bir firma.

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