Cookie Policy

When internet users reach to our website via mobile or non-mobile devices, the data pieces of are planted on such devices are referred as "cookies". While some of these cookies help websites to work and function, some of them aim to provide special services or products to the website visitors.

This cookie policy explains to our website users what cookies are and how they are used. You can also access information about cookies on our website through this Cookie Policy.

The Purpose of Usage of Cookies

We use cookies to ensure the integrity and accessibility of your data, to improve user experience, to keep our services safe, to make our website useful, and to improve our website in line with your interests and needs.

Types of Cookies

Basic / Necessary Cookies:

Essential cookies are required for access to our website and for them to function properly. It also allows you to benefit from the services and services connected to them.
Cookie Type
Why we use this cookie?

Load Balancing

Load balancing cookies are used to distribute assets around the world and reduce server load.


Safety cookies are used to maintain the online safety of the website.

Analysis Cookies:

Analysis cookies help us improve the working mechanism of the site by collecting information about your use of the website. As an example, analytics cookies show the most visited pages/sections/menus on the website, the difficulties you encounter on the site and whether the ads are efficient. Rather than showing the use of a single person, this reveals general usage patterns.
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Why we use this cookie?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies contribute to the presentation and orientation of the site by collecting aggregated statistical data. Google supports aggregated data with demographic and interest information and enables us to better understand our visitors.

Managing Cookies

Any cookies other than basic/necessary ones are not active unless users activate them. In addition, if you do not want the cookies to be placed on your device for the future, you can block cookies from your browser settings.