About Company

Varmi is a start-up based in Turkey, formed as a “service market” to help people to find solutions for their daily requirements in immediate surroundings. The services in the scope of VARMI is quite wide from repairs to lunch cater. People can sign up for VARMI both to provide service, within their professional area, or to get service.



As Utechia, we are here to realize the ideas of our customers! And each meeting with a start-up is thrilling for us! When we first met with the creator of Varmi, again we got so excited and hyped up to be a part of this project.



When we first met VARMI was just a “great idea” and we had a long way to walk together. We continuously worked on the project and managed to go online with the website, also to get our places at App stores in 6 months!



First, we made a business plan on how to proceed. Together with our customer, we agreed to learn in our process. Thus, we did not lose time to deploy the project before it totally completed. We especially worked on the UI/UX design as a good user experience is a priority for new Apps.



Throughout the process, we continued to make all necessary testing so that our Web, ioS, Android applications were all functioning well without any single problem.



In the end, we were all happy to see that our applications got their places at App stores. People began to use the system immediately and we were also happy to get great feedbacks!

If VARMI is such a great app, it’s success is linked to hard work and devoted efford of UTECHIA team. Since the blueprints of VARMI, with the healty communication and strong coordination abilities, UTECHIA made VARMI dream come true. VARMI company allways will be thankfull to these guys.

CEO Founder Off Varmi.com.tr