About Us

Thanks to our expertise in technology, we can provide the best possible solutions for your business' needs. Our experts are highly skilled in the digital realm of today's business world.

About Us

Thanks to our expertise in technology, we can provide the best possible solutions for your business' needs. Our experts are highly skilled in the digital realm of today's business world.

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Who we are?

We are a global technology development company that helps various businesses to grow in the digital environment and gain a competitive advantage by providing solutions to their problems. Our expertise centers on developing customer-centric applications for mobile devices as well as web services reshaped to meet the needs of clients' online business models. With an extensive network of partners around the world, we provide innovative technological solutions that transform industries across multiple sectors including retailing, financial services & insurance (BFSI), media & entertainment industry (M&E), and healthcare industry (HIC). We have a global team of designers, developers, strategists, and creatives who are passionate about creating products that can solve problems efficiently. We take pride in our ability to deliver the best service in web, mobile app design, and development at an affordable price to clients around the world. In this adventure, we have worked with many companies, and we have succeeded in gaining the eternal trust of our clients with our quality difference. Our priority is gaining “customer satisfaction” and accordingly, our professional team is working non-stop.

Our aim is both to be a “trustful friend” and an “honest business partner” to our clients. Just as our name indicates, we believe in “Utopia” and want to prove to you that the perfect service exists. When we meet, you will also join Utechia’s world, where every opinion is possible and every possibility is almost is soon to be real!

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Our Values

Our working methods and interaction between us and our customers are determined by our values. We believe in the power of synergy. In our opinion, the most important thing is to make the best possible team together with you. When we start to cooperate, we become a part of your team. We adopt your brand and guarantee you take great care of it.  Analyse your needs, understand your expectations and create the best service plan for your brand. Offering practical solutions with absolute innovative methods within the shortest time possible. While doing this, we never give up on the power of imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.
Albert Einstein We believe in imagination. We do not hesitate to go beyond stereotypes to create the perfect product for you. While using our limitless imagination, we remain faithful to your main principles, core values and never forget that “we are in this together” Therefore we always empathise. We are here to prove that you do not need to pay high prices to reach the best quality services. We guarantee to offer you the best cost-effective service at the highest quality standards. Join our world now and let us show you how to go beyond your imagination with a brand-new experience. As a team, we strive to be the best and we will work dedicatedly to improve your businesses' success!

Please meet your co-partners!

Leadership Team

Our team is our most valuable asset. As Utechia, we believe in the power of the team.

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Tohid Fetrat

Founder & CEO
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Farrin Badri

Senior Project Manager
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Reza Asghari

Senior Project Manager
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Sadullah Bayar

Senior Project Manager
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Marjan Dehqani

Head of Mobile Developers
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Akbar Ahmadi

Backend Team Leader
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Burcu Yılmaz

Project Manager

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Why Choose Us?

Our expert team members will assist you to take your business to the next level with digital projects which are designed for growth. Following the most popular industry trends, integrating the best practices, and applying cutting-edge technologies for outstanding campaigns. Our team is our most valuable asset. Thanks to our experts in the field of every department, prioritizing your desires, we take every necessary action for the project from begging to end. Once the project is done, our never-ending support will always be there for you. Because we tend to maintain long-term relationships with you. Remember that your brand is our brand too! Also, with the Custom Software Development service, we can create compelling projects that are shaped exclusively to your needs and desires!


One of our strengths is to adopt the products of our clients as if they were our own and to work on them carefully and completely. We realize each of our projects in a way that reflects the mission and vision of our clients, and since we have served many different sectors for years, we do our job with experience. We are happy to bring solutions to our clients' problems, enable them to make a difference in the digital world, and realize their projects in a way that meets the expectations of their target audiences. Behind these successful works, of course, is our most valuable asset, our professional team. As the Utechia team, we are always ready to help you and realize your ideas.

Tohid Fetrat CEO

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