Our Work

We are providing innovative solutions that are reshaped to business needs. Let's create success stories together!

Our Work

We are providing innovative solutions that are reshaped to business needs. Let's create success stories together!

Success Stories


Varmi App

Varmi is a service search engine that helps people find anything they need. The old version of Varmi, which was a platform that makes it easier for users by showing the service closest to them, was not user-friendly and customers had many problems using it. For this reason, the founder of Varmi, Mr. Yuksel, decided to innovate.
We have tried to find solutions to the problems that users were experiencing. Many additional features have been brought to the application and its design and colours have completely changed. Thus, it became a more user-friendly and modern app.
UI/UX design, Web app development, android / iOS development, landing page development, admin panel development

Monaco Chain

The old site of Monaco Chain is a famous jewelry sales company that couldn’t achieve the success they were expecting to have and had some troubles all over the website such as had some deficiencies about UX design, the product details were written in a way that was difficult to follow which is a problem for the users to read, the speed of the site was low and the images was taking a lot of time to load which created a disadvantage in terms of SEO.
Our first destination for optimizing our client’s website was to improve the customer experience also known as UX Design. We wanted to keep it a minimal, understandable, and user-friendly site. We made a simple and elegant design for customers and some adjustments of colors. Then, updated the pictures and accelerated the opening time of the site.
Web development with WordPress


Pakodemy is an educational platform with many features that include questions and solution videos according to students' levels. Pakodemy founder Mr. Balcı asked us to develop a web app in addition to the existing ios and android applications.
We developed a web app for Pakodemy in line with Mr. Balcı's request.
Web development, Web App development

Nyx Mag

Nyx Mag is a blog page featuring online fashion trends, health and beauty advice, brand news, and more. Mrs. Gunay, the chief editor, wanted a new website to be created that is innovative, elegant, modern, stylish, and attracts more users. It is very important to create a design that will attract the attention of users in such sites and to increase the average time spent on the site. So, we started our work in this direction.
After doing a market research, our professional design team especially focused on UX design. Mrs. Gunay's wanted to attract more users to her sites. In accordance with this purpose, our design team has created a UX design that is easy to use and visually impresses the user. The UX design was set according to the latest trends. On the other hand, the development process was also started and a fast and fully working website was created. Plus, the bounce rate decreased.
UI/UX Design, Website Development


Halil İbrahim Yüksel  | Turkey

CEO of Varmi

The reason behind the Varmi app’s success derived from the hard work and devoted efforts of the UTECHIA team. Thanks to the healthy communication skills and strong coordination abilities of the Utechia team, makes VARMI's dream come true. VARMI company will always be grateful to these guys.


Nurgül Eryıldır Günay  | Turkey

NYXmag Editor-in-Chief

I would like to thank the Utechia family, who designed and launched NYX Magazine in a very short time, which is an online publication of fashion, for their devoted and meticulous work and their unflagging support in this process.


Selahattin Urfalı  | Turkey

CEO of Coimex

As a result of our intensive research for the website and web applications of our Coimex company, we decided to work with Utechia. Thanks to their disciplined and professional working style, we achieved so many things in no time. We were very pleased with both the design and development parts. Utechia is a company that you can entrust your brand with a priori.


Rohat Berk Kartal  | Turkey

Co-Founder of ANS Attorney at Law

In today’s world where a stylish and modern website has become the most important showcase, Utechia’s website design has quite met our expectations. Special thanks to Mr. Fetrat for his sincere interest.


Aslı Eryıldır  | Turkey

CEO of Aslenedu

Overall very pleased with Utechia and the service we‘ve got from them. The web designer did an excellent job continued by the fast development of our website. All the communication has been great as they’ve been always polite and accessible. Thanks to their hard work, creativity and determination, our website looks great. We can easily recommend Utechia to anyone who is looking for a professional service


Murat Balcı  | Turkey

CEO of Pakodemy

We wanted to develop a Web application in addition to our iOS and Android applications. Due to our intensity, the Utechia team, which we contacted to make our Web application, helped us to realize this project by advancing in line with our wishes and taking into account our brand values from the first day. We thank the Utechia team for their sincere and hardworking attitude and wish them success in their future projects.


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