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Mr Rohat, a lawyer, had his website before, but when he partnered with other lawyers, he wanted the website to be updated.


WordPress web development


The site was moved at the request of Mr Rohat. First, the domain was changed. Apart from this, the contents of the website; about us, contact, address, fields of activity etc. have changed completely and a new website has been created.


1 month.

First Meeting

In the first meeting with the customer, we talked to the customer about what kind of site he wanted and what he was aiming for. His request was a promotional site and he wanted it to be made with a pre-made template. Since the promotion site of the law firm will be made, we talked about choosing the colors and the template accordingly.

Project Timing

Since a pre-made template will be used, we thought that a period of 1 month would be enough.Since a pre-made template will be used, we thought that a period of 1 month would be enough.

The Process

According to the template chosen by the customer and the content received from the customer, the site was completed by using the most appropriate features from the template's content. The final version of the completed site was shown to the customer and his approval was obtained.

Q/A Testing

Starting from the testing phase of the site, we first made UI tests and then proceeded in parallel with the feedback received by the customer. At the last stage, the contact us form was tested before the site went live.

The End

Our client was very happy with the results and we took the site live.

Clients’ experiences and feedbacks
are very important to us!


Rohat Berk Kartal  | Turkey

Attorney at Law in ANS Law

In today's world where a stylish and modern website has become the most important showcase, Utechia's website design has more than met our expectations. Special thanks to Mr Fetrat for his close support.