Ecofriendly Website

About Company

EcoFriendly is a business that brings organic foods produced on their own farms in Virginia to consumers and restaurants.


Ecofriendly, a company that sells organic meat, had a website before, but the old site was insufficient and confusing. For this reason, they wanted to renew their site and got support from us.


The website has been renewed. The design has changed and a more minimal, understandable, user-friendly e-commerce site was created.


WordPress web development


1.5 months


First Meeting

We communicated through an agency for the e-commerce site of this company that sells organic meat in the United States. At the meeting with the agency, we talked in detail about what this company does and what its business plan is. Then we decided that it would be a minimal design and which colors we would use.


Project Timing

We gave the agency a total of 2 months for things to do.


The Process

First, the designs were prepared. Afterwards, interviews were held with the agency over the designs made. With the feedback received from the agency, the designs were reviewed and the final design of the site was decided. Then, the development phase was started and the completed project was delivered to the agency after the development was completed.


Q/A Testing

The register and contact services on the site were tested. The problems were fixed and the test was done again.


The End

The site submitted to the agency but it has not been taken live yet.