Keypenk is one of the leading manufacturers of motorized roller shutter systems and
the company has been in the Turkish market since 1993. Keypenk also operates in many
continents, from Asia to Europe, by providing installation and services.

About Company


the founder of keypenk, a leading company that produces motorized shutter systems, said that websites work slowly, he wants a faster site, a more modern and user-friendly design. So, we started to work to solve these problems.


After making market analysis, a design was made based on current ui/ux trends in line with our customer's requests. The site has been accelerated. An easy-to-use sitewith a modern design was created as our customer wanted.


UI/ UX design, website development


3 months

First Meeting

We met Murat Uysal, the founder and General Manager of Keypenk, at our office located in Kolektif House Levent, Istanbul in April 2020. At the end of our productive meeting, we agreed on website design and development services for Keypenk.

Project Timing

As Keypenk would like to be online as soon as possible, still with a brand- new, effective website, we agreed on 3 months of service time.

The Process

First, we made detailed research on the roller-shutter market and examined the digital existence of Keypenk’s among competitors. Our designers created the pages, discussed the possible changes our clients needed and created the prototype. In 3 months, our brand-new website was ready to go online!

Q/A Testing

We never finish our project before doing the necessary tests. Before we went online, we went through all QA testing steps and made sure that the website was working without any defect.