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Kupeli, a company that sells electronics, wanted a new website development from scratch and they asked us to do it.


We have created an animated and design-oriented website from scratch for the site whose designs are theirs.


Web Development with WordPress


1 month


First Meeting

First of all, we talked to the design agency about the promotion site of Küpeli, the designs of which were prepared. Detailed examinations were made about the sensitive points that should be reflected in the development. Project Timing: Since the design is ready, we have given a maximum of 1 month.


Project Timing

Since the design is ready, we have given a maximum of 1 month.


The Process

We immediately started the development. While the development was progressing, we shared the test urls with the design agency after a certain stage. Here we got feedback about the UI and animations and continued with the development accordingly. After the feedback received, this phase was completed and the project was terminated.


Q/A Testing

UI tests were carried out in parallel with the development of the promotional website Kupeli. The problems that arose were fixed at that stage.


The End

The delivery of the website was made to the design agency. But it hasn't been brought to live yet.