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Monaco chain Website

About Company

The Monaco Chain loves to innovate and keeps pushing on their journey to find perfection. Quality is never an accident: It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligence, direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.


The old site of Monaco Chain is a famous jewelry sales company that couldn’t achieve the success they were expecting to have and had some troubles all over the website such as had some deficiencies about UX design, the product details were written in a way that was difficult to follow which is a problem for the users to read, the speed of the site was low and the images was taking a lot of time to load which created a disadvantage in terms of SEO.


Our first destination for optimizing our client’s website was to improve the customer experience also known as UX Design. We wanted to keep it a minimal, understandable, and user-friendly site. We made a simple and elegant design for customers and some adjustments of colors. Then, updated the pictures and accelerated the opening time of the site.


Web development with WordPress


1.5 months


First Meeting

When we first met the CEO of Monaco Chain, we were so excited and happy as in other projects. After getting to know each other well, we carried out detailed research about the project that will take place. The primary goal of Utechia is always to receive the approval of our clients providing their expectations and wishes.


Project Timing

We estimate the time for optimizing the website before the project starts. In this case, we guaranteed our customer that the project could be realised within 2 months.


The Process

The process starts with examining the brand and creating an identity after analysis. Then, the competitor brands are determined and analyzed. Examining the old site meticulously, selecting the templates which fit the brand’s identity, and making the research of the market. All of a sudden the development was done on the template.


Q/A Testing

We made all the necessary tests throughout our project. Errors were fixed with customer feedback and it was a successful process.


The End

At the end of the process, we took the new website of the Monaco chain live. Our customer's positive feedback made us happy. Customer satisfaction is more important to us than anything else.