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Pakodemy is a digital platform designed for students with various educational videos.

About Company

First Meeting

We held our first meeting with Mr. Balcı in our office, analyzed the needs of our customers and shared our ideas. At the end of our meeting, we decided to develop a web app in addition to the existing ios and android apps.

Project Timing

We have given an average of 2 months for web app.

The Process

First of all, we analyzed the competitors by conducting various researches in the education sector. In this direction, we created a business plan and created a unique design for the web app. After the customer's approval, we started the development process.

Q/A Testing

We have carried out all the tests and checks to get a perfect project. We fixed technical errors and made sure everything was perfect.

The End

We went live and we offered our customer 6 months free support service. It was a very enjoyable process for both us and our customers and we achieved good results.

Clients’ experiences and feedbacks
are very important to us!


Nurgül Eryıldır Günay  | Turkey

NYXmag Editor-in-Chief

I would like to thank the Utechia family, who designed and launched, the online publication of the fashion and women’s magazine NYX Magazine, in a very short time, for their devoted and meticulous work and their unflagging support in this process.