Ms. Samane, a physiotherapist, has a website with her own training videos.

About Company


A successful Physiotherapist, Ms Samane wanted to create a new website where she could put up her training videos and sell videos by subscribing as a package. Therefore, she asked for our help with her new website.


We have created a new simple and elegant website design and development for Ms Samane. Her training videos were made and the subscription system was developed. In addition, a form has been created on the site for those who want to set up a one-on-one meeting.


Web development with WordPress


1.5 months.

First Meeting

Since our offices are very close to Ms. Samane, we had the opportunity to have our meetings frequently. After reaching an agreement in our first meeting, we talked about the business plan of the site.

Project Timing

We agreed in 1.5 months to do Wordpress Web Development on a template without the need for a special design.

The Process

First, we examined the competitors in the market. We discussed what the purpose of the site would be and chose an appropriate template. Then we created a color palette that would suit the brand identity. We used plugins where necessary for video uploads. We planned and used izyco to pay in the subscription system. Then we added gift coupons.

Q/A Testing

First of all, we made UI tests for both responsive and desktop. Then we moved on to autentication tests. Then, we tested package purchase, gift purchase and gift code usage with the logged in person. Finally, we checked the watchability of the videos after the package was received.

The End

We went live. Currently, users benefit from our customer's video trainings with the package they want.

Clients’ experiences and feedbacks
are very important to us!


Samaneh Khorasani  | Turkey


I wanted to establish a video platform that people can access from anywhere, anytime. I met with Utechia to make this dream come true. The Utechia team designed the website I wanted to make my work easier in a very short time. Now I can reach more people. Thank you very much to the Utechia team.